a feature-length documentary film

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Among the industrial ruins of America, in the iconic city of Youngstown, Ohio,
a new generation is determined to rebuild home.  

“Youngstown” is a feature-length documentary film that intimately weaves
together stories of people trying to make something of themselves and their city,
a town that lost over half its population since the steel mills closed down in the 1970s.

“Youngstown” creates a portrait of a community
working to wrest itself from the past and begin anew.


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Karla Murthy,
Director and Producer

Karla Murthy began her career working for the veteran PBS journalist Bill Moyers. She was a staff producer and shooter for the PBS news magazines “NOW” and “Need to Know,” and a special correspondent and producer for the "PBS NewsHour Weekend.” She was nominated for an Emmy for the “Battle Fields” about tomato pickers in Florida. Her award-winning segment “The Long View” was cited by the “Columbia Journalism Review” as “one of the most compelling and informative long term care pieces…a compassionate portrayal.” Karla received her undergraduate degree from Oberlin College in Ohio. She is an alumni of the Third World Newsreel Workshop and the Documentary Institute at Antioch College in Ohio.

Alexandra Nikolchev
Producer and Director of Photography

Alexandra Nikolchev grew up in California’s Bay Area, and now works and lives in Brooklyn, New York. Her documentary credits include PBS, NBC, and HBO. Documentary. Alexandra won a Peabody Award as producer on "Don't Tell Anyone (No Le Digas a Nadie)," a feature-length documentary film that aired on P.O.V. in Fall 2015. In 2014 she received an Emmy Award as field producer for "Crossing the Line at the Border," a three-part PBS investigation into the U.S. Border Patrol. Alexandra studied journalism at New York University and received her undergraduate degree from University of California, Berkeley.